Capparis Spinosa

Capers Producers & Wholesalers

We Supply our Products in Drums and Jars

Drums of 10 / 40 / 110 / 180 Kg net of Capers

Jars in Glass or Plastic from 80g to 5kg


Non-Pareilles 4-7mm
Surfines 7-8mm
Capucines 8-9mm
Capotes 9-11mm
Fines 11-13mm


Caper-Berries 0/15

Caper-Berries 15/18

Who We Are

Capparis Spinosa

Capparis Spinosa is a Producer and Wholesaler Expert in the art of selecting quality Capers and Caper-Berries.
Our Products are harvested, calibrated and meticulously cleaned with the highest precision.
Capparis Spinosa have the capacity to supply over 3000 tons per year.

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Paris Office:

40 rue du louvre, 75001

Dubai Office:

Boulevard plaza, Tower 1 – 9th floor

London Office:

85 Great Portland Street, W1W 7LT